Dani Vandiviere is recognized as an effective mediator by both plaintiffs and defendants, giving her strong credibility with all involved in the conflict. They respect her practical expertise and ability to understand all the legal as well as the non-legal issues of a dispute and her ability to move the parties forward to a successful resolution.

Her approach as a mediator enables her to effectively address the emotions and other non-tangible factors that sometimes create obstacles to reaching a livable outcome.  Using a combination of facilitative and transformative approaches Dani opens the process to a more satisfactory resolution. One the parties can actually abide by because it is the parties who decide the details of the agreement. A resolution where sides are heard, both sides are understood and the agreement is reasonable.


Dani is listed on the Approved Mediator Roster of the Administrative Offices of the Courts of Kentucky as both a Civil and Family Mediator and is also a Court approved Mediation Trainer.

Her background includes receiving her doctorate in Aging in Place which encompasses family relationships through the aging process from California State University school of Public Health and various certifications from University of Kentucky, Mediation Training in Louisville Kentucky, APICS, and National Association of Home Builders as well as several other schools and organizations. Dani will never stop learning.

Active in the community she is President of the Bluegrass Continuity of Care Association, a founding member of Kentucky Association of Senior Services, a member of the Kentucky Guardianship Association, the Kentucky Association for Gerontology and served on the planning board of the Challenges and Opportunities of Aging events. Dani is also a member of Society for Human Resource Management.

She has published articles in local magazines, gives lectures and workshops on various topics and loves teaching mediation to adults and children. Stopping bullying in schools, neighborhoods and the workplace is her mission in life.

She is married, has a wonderful son and daughter-in-law and the best grandsons ever!  Her family is her passion.


Dani Vandiviere

Ph.D, CAPS, CDRM, CDRMT, CEO, Trainer, Mediator